In 1912 a group of enthusiasts led by Rev. Morrow formed a golf club in Clontarf. One hundred years later members and their guests still reap the benefits of that foresight, dedication and courage. Members of Clontarf GCBC remember, with admiration and gratitude, the great work continued by all who followed the example of Rev. Morrow and his comrades in developing the Club to our current 18 hole course with its excellent clubhouse facilities. In 1923 a bowling section was formed and has become an integral part of our Club since then.

Early in 2010 a group of members met at the behest of the Management Committee to plan appropriate ways of celebrating the first 100 years of our Golf Club. A comprehensive and inclusive series of events reflecting many aspects of our Club activities was then prepared by the Centenary Coordinators’ Committee. The general membership subsequently approved the outline plans at A.G.M. in January 2011.

These plans included golf competitions for members and their guests, photography competition and publication of calendar, development of a new website, visits to and from other centenary clubs, publication of a book celebrating the history of Clontarf G.C., an international bowling event and social events and concerts culminating in a Centenary Ball in Clontarf Castle in July.

We will remember the Centenary of the founding of our Golf Club in 2012 which was enthusiastically celebrated and we now have two significant features to keep it in our thoughts as we enter our second Centenary. First, we have the Centenary Commemorative Welcome Stone, at the Club's entrance, ceremonily unveiled on January 22nd and second, we have the Centenary Clock, at the 1st Tee, which was generously donated by Life Honorary Member, Mrs. Peggy O'Neill, to whom we are very grateful. These will help us remember all that is good about The Clontarf Golf and Bowling Club in line with our club motto of  ‘Ní neart go cur le chéile’