Terms of Competitions (Ladies)

The following Ladies’ Club Terms of Competition shall be deemed to have been made subject to, and in accordance with sub-clause 8.3.14 of the Rules and Regulations of the Ladies’ Club.
TERMS OF COMPETITIONS (Section 5A: Official Guide to the Rules of golf 2019)
The following terms under which Club competitions are to be played have been drawn up by the Tournament Committee and approved by the Ladies’ Committee.  Members are advised to know and comply with them.
1.1. The Rules of Golf as approved by R & A Rules Limited and the U.S.G.A. in addition to Local Rules as made and published by the Committee shall apply to all competitions.
(Players should familiarise themselves with the Rules of Golf, particularly Rule 1 & 3: Player's Responsibilities) and Local Rules.
2.1. Only players who meet the eligibility rules for certain competitions, as laid down by the Tournament Committee may enter those competitions.
2.2. Intermediates and Junior Members are eligible to play in the Lady Captain’s Prize, Captain’s Prize and President’s Prize (these are known as Major Competitions) but are ineligible to win.
2.3. Lady Captain’s Prize: All fully paid-up Ordinary Members and Lady Members with a full current handicap are eligible to play but to win the competition the member must have one full year’s membership of the Club and have returned three 18 holes singles completed competition cards from Clontarf G.C. in the current season.
2.4. Captain’s and President’s Prizes: All fully paid-up Ordinary Members and Lady Members are eligible to play but to win the competition the member must have one full year’s membership of the Club and have returned three 18 holes singles completed competition cards Clontarf G.C. in the current season.
2.5. Lady Captain’s Prize to Five Day Members: All fully paid-up Five Day Members with a full current handicap are eligible to play but to win the competition the member must have one full year’s membership of the Club and have returned three 18 holes singles completed competition cards from Clontarf G.C in the current season.
2.6. Only fully paid-up Ordinary Members, Lady Members and Five-Day Members with one full year’s membership of the Club are eligible to win Golfer of the Year.
2.7. Only fully paid-up Ordinary Members, Lady Members, Intermediate and Junior Members are eligible to enter Club Medal Competitions. 
2.8. All fully paid-up members with a full current handicap are eligible to play and win all other competitions (other than Majors and Club Medals).
2.9. A female Junior Member must be partnered with an adult member in all Foursomes and Fourball Competitions and any other competition where the winners qualify to represent the Club. Two Junior members may play together in a three-ball team event.
3.1. Motorised golf buggies may only be used with the permission of the Ladies’ Committee and provided the player is in possession of a current medical certificate of disability.
3.2. If using own buggy, a copy of the relevant insurance certificate must also be submitted.
3.3. The buggy may only be used by the person named on the certificates and may carry only her equipment and caddy. Penalty for breach in stroke play – general penalty for each hole at which breach of this condition occurs subject to a maximum penalty of 4 strokes per round.  Penalty for breach in match play – at conclusion of hole where breach is discovered the state of match is adjusted by deducting one hole for each hole where breach occurred – maximum deduction per round is 2 holes.
4.1. To enter a competition, a player must ensure that, before starting to play,
4.1.1. Her card has been swiped or number inputted into correct competition, or her name has been inserted in the official competition entry book, if required.
4.1.2. Her identifiable competition entry has been paid.
4.2. When competitions are designated 'prepaid', entry fee must be paid in advance in order to secure the booking.
4.3. In the event of payment not having been made by the designated deadline, bookings will be removed and times made available to other players.
4.4. Entry fee refunds for cancellations by players will only be made in the event of the vacant time being taken up and at least 48 hours’ notice of withdrawal having been given.
4.5. Failure to swipe or input her entry in the computer for a Club 'singles' competition will result in the competitor not having an acceptable score either for competition or for handicap purposes.
4.6. The following classes apply for Club Medal Competitions:
4.6.1. Class I H/caps 0 – 20, Class II H/caps 21 – 54. Should only one player enter a singles competition her score must be recorded and count for handicap purposes. A minimum of 10 entries is required to constitute a Club Medal Competition. A Gross prize will be awarded if 10 or more enter in Class 1 for Club Medal Competitions and Majors.
4.6.2. Presented Prizes (excluding majors) require an entry of 40 competitors – otherwise competition reverts to a singles sweep. A minimum of 7 entries is required.
4.6.3. Four-ball, Foursomes and Team Events – no competition with less than 20 competitors.  At weekends the number required may be reduced at discretion of Committee. Classes (unless otherwise stated) CL I  0 - 20, CL II 21 - 28, CL III 29 – 35 CL IV 36 - 54.
4.6.4. Singles/Sweep – for less than 40 entries CL I 0 - 25, CL II 26 - 35, CL III 36 - 54.  Number of entries required for prizes for 4 classes may be reduced at discretion of Committee. For less than 30 entries but more than 9 entries – CL 1   0 – 27, CL II  28 – 54 will apply. If there are 7-9 competitors there shall be one class sweep. 9 Hole Competitions (excluding Majors) require a minimum of 7 entrants.  If there is only a 9 hole competition held (generally from October – February) and 50 or more entrants there will be a winner in each Class.  Where there is another competition held along with 9 hole competition (generally from March – September) and 50 or more entrants the following classes will apply CL I  0 - 30 and Cl II 31 - 54 will apply.
4.7.1. Players may play in more than one competition on any day providing they are in the same format and only one of the competitions is a qualifying competition.

5.1. The player shall start:
5.1.1. At the time laid down by the Tournament Committee, or if permitted by them:
5.1.2. At the time reserved on the advance time sheet, or in the absence of 5.1.1 or 5.1.2.
5.1.3. In turn, on the basis of pairing off on arrival.
5.2. Players shall not compete in a competition prior to the official start time, unless with advance permission from the Tournament Committee. Normal weekend starting time is 7.00a.m. in summer or the later set down time in winter.
5.3. Players shall not compete in a competition after the last tee-time indicated on the time sheet, unless with advance permission from the Tournament Committee.
5.4. Competitors shall remain throughout the round in the group arranged by the Tournament Committee unless that Committee authorises or ratifies a change.
6.1. The Terms under which Club Match Play Competitions are to be played shall be laid down by the Competitions Committee and displayed on the advance time sheets and draw sheets.
6.2. In Cup match play competitions the minimum number of entrants shall be determined by the Committee.
6.3. Players who lose/gain shots during the course of the series shall remain in the Cup competition for which they entered, but shall play off their new handicap.
7.1.  When time sheets are in operation, players:
7.1.1. may reserve only one line, (i.e. a maximum of four name slots).
7.1.2. may not have the word partners or numbers displayed, (names only to be used).  Exceptions Opens, Semi Opens and Invitations.
7.1.3. shall not insert names in unallocated time slots, (i.e. in buffer time slots).
7.1.4. shall not play unless they have an allocated time slot (i.e. may not cut in between groups).
7.1.5. should be present at the 1st. tee, and ready to play, five minutes before their starting time.
7.1.6. must notify their opposition and partner in good time if they are withdrawing from the time sheet. (Reserving a time is a commitment to play with or mark for the other players at that time slot).
8.1. The rules and allowances that shall apply for handicapping are: those prescribed by the Golfing Unions and set out in the CONGU Unified Handicapping System (latest revised edition). Players should familiarize themselves with the handicap system.
8.2. In all Club Competitions, including Semi-Open, Invitation and Open Competitions, as organised by the Competitions Committee, the only handicaps acceptable and recognised for prize eligibility, shall be for players of affiliated golf clubs.
8.3. A system of penalty imposition points (pips) may apply for winners of 9 Hole Singles Non Qualifying Competitions.  The period and duration for which pips will apply will be notified in advance during the year. There will be 2 pips for a winner and 1 where second or third.  Any changes to allocation of pips will be notified in advance.  The ‘pips’ will run in phases as determined by Committee.   Any ‘pips’ received in a phase will be erased in full and will not carry over to subsequent phases where pips are in operation during the year.    
8.4. Scoring in Handicap Competition: The player is responsible for making sure that her handicap is shown on the scorecard.
If the player returns a scorecard without the correct handicap –
Handicap on Scorecard too high or no Handicap shown – if this affects the number of strokes the player gets, the player is disqualified from the Handicap competition. If it does not, there is no penalty.
Handicap on Scorecard too low: there is no penalty and the player’s net score stands using the lower handicap as shown.
9.1. The stipulated round commences from the first tee and consists of playing the holes of the course in the sequence prescribed by the Competitions Committee, unless otherwise authorised by them.
9.2. In mixed foursomes competitions, the lady shall tee off at the 1st. hole unless otherwise indicated by the organising Committee.
10.1. The rules regarding player conduct, as contained in RULE 1.2 of the Rules of Golf, should be complied with at all times. In addition:
10.2. Competitors playing in an Inter-Club or Club Championship Match should, if practical, be extended the courtesy of being called through by a slower group.
10.3. The maximum grouping allowed in all forms of play is four players, unless otherwise authorised by the Committee.
11.1. The player should play at a prompt pace throughout the round, including the time taken to:
Prepare for and make each stroke,
Move from one place to another between strokes, and
Move to the next teeing area after completing a hole.
11.2. A player should prepare in advance for the next stroke and be ready to play when it is her turn. 
It is recommended that the player make the stroke in no more than 40 seconds after she is (or should be) able to play without interference or distractions, and
The player should usually be able to play more quickly than that and is encouraged to do so.
11.3. Depending on the form of play, there are times when players may play out of turn to help the pace of play:
In match play, the players may agree that one of them will play out of turn to save time. (Rule 6.4a)
In stroke play, players may play “ready golf” in a safe and responsible way (Rule 6.4b)
11.4. Slow play will be penalised under Rule 5.6.
12. SCORE CARDS: (RULE 3.3e)
12.1. In the absence of the Competitions Committee issuing score cards containing the date and competitor's name, all competitors are requested, by the Competitions Committee, to date and name their own cards.
12.2. In the absence of the Competitions Committee specifically appointing a ‘marker’ to check and record a competitor’s score, a fellow-competitor or another player may act as a marker.
12.3. A competitor should not mark or alter her own score card. (The appointed marker is responsible for checking and recording the competitor’s score and any alterations to the recorded scores).
12.4. Scores should be recorded on the score cards after each hole.
12.5. Score cards must be marked and signed before entering the locker room or Clubhouse. In adverse weather Terms, score cards may be signed in the Concourse.
12.6. Returned scores must not be disclosed to a player who has not started their round.
12.7. All ‘singles’ scores must be entered into the computer and the card returned as soon as possible after the round, whether the round is completed or not.  The scorecard is considered returned as soon as player places it in the box provided.
12.8. Failure to enter a score in the computer for a Club 'singles' competition on a regular basis will result in the competitor being suspended from competing in the next two competitions.

13.1. Any dispute or doubtful point on the Rules shall be referred to the Competitions Committee, as soon as possible, whose decision shall be final (Rule 20).
14.1. The manner in which ties are to be decided will be by matching the tied score cards to determine the winner based on count-back, as approved by R & A Rules Limited.
14.2. For 18 hole competitions, decide on last 9 holes- 6-3-1 and if still tied decide on last 3 holes – 7,8,9 of first 9.
14.3. If this procedure does not produce a result, the winner will then be determined by lot. In the event of the Competitions Committee permitting play to start at the 10th tee, or 1st and 10th tees simultaneously, the last nine holes, for the purpose of deciding ties, will be from the 10th to 18th hole.
15.1. A gross prize will be awarded in Club Medal strokes competitions and in Major Competitions, for the best gross score of the day, where there is a minimum of 10 Class I entries.
15.2. A player shall only receive one prize in the Competition of the Day.
16.1. Prize winners are expected to attend Prize Presentations as a courtesy to our Officers, Sponsors and Members whose generosity is much appreciated. If, due to exceptional circumstances, players are unable to be present to receive their prizes they should nominate another person to collect their prizes on their behalf.
17.1. The Men’s and Ladies’ Committees have jointly declared, as a Term of Competition, that on any day when a 'mixed' stroke play competition follows another competition, practice will be permitted on the competition course, prior to competing in the ‘mixed’ stroke competition.
17.2. The Competitions Committee reserves the right to:
17.2.1.  refuse any entry without assigning a reason
17.2.2.  correct any mistakes made in the checking of score cards.
17.2.3.  alter the published competition or Terms of same if it is deemed necessary.
17.2.4.  cancel a competition due to insufficient entries or to postpone or abandon it at any stage in exceptional circumstances, if the Committee so decides.