Course News

Course News







Please see local rules in concourse before playing. 

Course Care & Safety

Please play your part in maintaining your course by using the divot filling mix every time you play the course. YOUR fairways will be in better shape for it. When you take a bag please bring it back empty and replace on rack beside the clean up area.

Please repair pitch marks correctly on Greens before leaving them. Unrepaired and incorrectly repaired pitch marks detract from the appearance of the Greens and leave them bumpy with scar marks. Make sure that the players you play with repair their pitch marks and any others they see.

Are you delaying play and spoiling the enjoyment of those playing behind you? Please call on the group behind you if you lose a hole on the group in front. 

You must shout 'FORE' if you hit a ball astray and it may be a danger to a fellow player.