In Memoriam

Sadly and with regret we record the passing of the following members of our Club. May they rest in peace.


Gerard (Gerry) Carpenter R.I.P. (Five Day Member)

Died 5th December 2018

Anne Pierce R.I.P (Lady Member)

Died 16th October 2018

Brendan Dolan R.I.P (Five Day Member)

Died 5th September 2018

Bill Flynn R.I.P (Ordinary Member)

Died 22nd July 2018

William Jordan R.I.P. ( Past Ordinary Member)

Died 17th July 2018


Died 11th June 2018

Brendan Pierce R.I.P (Retired Five Day member)

Died 18th May 2018

Brian Curran R.I.P ( Life Honorary Member)

Died 8th March 2018

Gerard T. Murphy R.I.P. (Ordinary Member)

Died 13th March 2018

Dr. Anne Clancy R.I.P (Honorary Member)

Died 5th March 2018