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Thursday, 14th May, 2020




At CBC our priority is to safeguard the health of our members and to re-open our club ensuring we are compliant with all Government and H.S.E. guidelines.

Members can travel up to 5 kilometres (approx. 3 miles) from their home for exercise.
Those who are cocooning can leave their homes and travel up to 5 kilometres (approx. 3 miles) for exercise (playing bowling) or a drive as long as they avoid all contact with other people.
It is the responsibility of each Member to adhere to the 5Km limit.
It is expected this distance will be extended to 20 Km on 8th June.

Bowling is a non-contact sport and can be played safely with new allowances being made for number of rinks in use, number of bowlers on each rink, introduction of a booking system and new behaviour guidelines.

These guidelines can be adapted/updated as experience see fit.

1.   To access the bowling green a player must
a) Be a paid- up member of CBC
b) Not have been out of the country in the last 14 days
c) Not be in self-isolation or living with a person who is self-isolating
d) Not be displaying any COVID-19 symptoms
e) Have a pre-reserved rink time.

2. Booking a Rink
a) A new booking system is on the club website under the NEWS Section at the top of the home page. Click on link to open

b) To book a space on a rink select BOWLING GREEN TIME SHEET and follow instructions
c) If you are unable to use the automated system text 086 2515732 giving the day and time you wish to book and the name of the bowlers you wish to play with – max 4 and your booking will be confirmed by return text.
d) The daily booking times available are:-
12.00 – 14.00
14.15 -  16.15
16.30 – 18.30
18.45 – 20.45
2-hour slots with a 15-minute turnaround.
e) The maximum number of players playing on a rink will be four.
f) Only 3 rinks will be in use in the green at any one time.
g) Check notice at Mat disinfectant section to see which rinks are in use for your session.
h) If 4 bowlers want to play together arrange a time and one bowler book rink.  If only 2 players wish to play please state this at time of booking. There is an option to leave written message on the automated system.
i) If you wish to be matched with other bowlers please text and state this.
j) The preferred booking methods are 1) automated system 2) text 3) phone Denis Murphy, same number as for text bookings.


3. Arrival
a) Bowlers should clean and disinfect their bowls, towels, regulation bowling shoes and any other equipment they will take on the green, at home prior to coming to the Bowling Green.
b) Ample car parking spaces are available to ensure social distancing.
c) Change into bowling shoes at the car
d) Arrive at the green not more than 15 mins prior to reserved rink time
e) On arrival at the green enter wait on path behind flagpoles, ensuring social distancing of 2 metres is observed at all times.
f) Wait until all previous players have exited the area before proceeding.
g) Each skip is responsible for removing 2 mats and 2 jacks for each rink. These should be rinsed under the tap before use.   

4. Equipment
a) Clean/sanitise your hands before playing.
b) Take your bowls, towel to the green and place at your starting end depending on position played.  Only 2 players to be on each rink end at any one time.
c) Do not touch any other player’s bowls with your hand.
d) Do not touch the jack at any time with bare hands.

5. On the Green
a) Only social games of bowls are to be played until further notice.  Club competitions will be considered at a later stage..
b) One person may practise alone on a rink between 8.00 -11.30 with the exception of Mon, Wed & Friday.  All guidelines with regard to social distancing and equipment must be followed.
c) 3 or 4 bowlers at same end are not permitted.
d) Once the mats are set down, they will remain there for the duration of the game.
e) Jacks are to be placed/centred by foot at a distance requested by the first bowler/winner of the previous end.  There will be 2 jacks per rink, 1 yellow and 1 white
f) The minimum distance for the front of the mat to be from the rear ditch is now 3 metres.
g) When changing ends players must ensure social distancing.  Players should always walk to their left thus avoiding other players coming the other way.
h) No measuring allowed
i) Players will not be permitted to walk from the mat to look at the head.
j) Use only your feet to move bowls after an end has been completed.
k) Bowls or jack in ditch to be removed using a towel.
l) Use of scoreboards or scorecards in not permitted.

6. Leaving the Green
a) The rink nearest the exit to leave the green first, maintaining social distancing and all players should return to their cars.
b) Skips should collect mats and jacks and put them in the disinfectant before exiting green.  

7. Miscellaneous Issues.
a) The Bowling Pavilion and Shed will be unavailable for the duration.
b) Toilet facilities in the Clubhouse Concourse.
c) If your bowling equipment is presently in the Locker Rooms contact _Denis Murphy_@ 086 2515732   and the committee will make arrangements for them to be collected.
d) For members without their own bowls who wish to play please contact Shay Carberry @ 086 150 6033 and the committee will see if we can arrange for a loan of club bowls depending on demand.
e) Hand sanitiser and disinfectant will be provided.
f) No sharing of bowls or equipment will be permitted.
g) No spectators or visiting players allowed.
h) If you have any queries in relation to any of these guidelines please email the Bowling Club email –

The Greens Manager will change settings and direction of play.  No other player is permitted to touch these settings.  He will also liaise with the General Manager and Greenkeeper and ensure any changes to the grass cutting times are notified to the person managing the booking system

It is the aim of the Management and Bowling Committees to keep members safe. It will require the co-operation of all players.  Guidelines may have to be changed on an on-going basis. We will endeavour to keep you informed.