Volunteer Shopping Scheme

Monday, 6th April, 2020

Dear Member.

In response to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic we are putting in place a member support scheme with Supervalu whereby volunteer Clontarf members will shop for groceries/collect prescriptions etc for those that are vulnerable, cocooning etc.

The scheme will operate as follows;
1. The member that needs the shopping etc phones either Tommy Cooke 0876902421 or John Mc Mahon 0868213410 who will then make contact with a club volunteer.
2. The volunteer will phone the member to ask for the shopping list etc to be texted to him/her or for the shopping list to be collected if texting is not possible.
3. The volunteer will then do the shopping etc. At the checkout a shop staff assistant will phone the member for their debit or credit card details for payment after which a receipt will be issued by the shop/pharmacy etc. If the member does not have a debit or credit card an arrangement can be facilitated using cash, which will be explained over the phone by the volunteer. We will at all times be abiding by the Coronavirus/ Covid-19 Guidelines as set down by government.
4. For delivery of the shopping etc the volunteer will contact the member by phone to arrange the delivery of the shopping with the receipt, to the outside of the front door/porch of the house. 
At no time will the volunteer come into contact with the member.

Many thanks to Supervalu for supporting this initiative.

Tommy Cooke