Society Conditions


  • Societies must comply with the Rules and Bye Laws of the Golfing Union of Ireland and Clontarf Golf Club.
  • Society members and guests must use locker rooms for changing. Changing in the car park is not permitted.
  • Societies must start from the 1st tee and play from the markers of the day which are normally the green tee markers.
  • A completed time sheet must be given to the Club prior to the outing. The time allocated to the Society must be strictly adhered to and Societies must not encroach on time reserved for Clontarf members.
  • The Club provides an official starter who operates the timesheet and whose instructions must be complied with.
  • A Society green fee is limited to one round of golf. (18 Holes)
  • Society Competitions are played as 3-ball singles unless otherwise agreed in advance with the General Manager. Scrambles are not permitted.
  • Society Secretaries should ensure that their players can play golf to a level of proficiency that ensures a pleasant round for all. We reserve the right to instruct slow players or groups to speed-up play or, in extreme cases, to leave the golf course.

Dress Code

  • The Club Starter has been instructed not to allow visitors to play unless they are properly attired.
  • Bar staff have been instructed not to serve persons in the lounge who do not conform to the Club’s Dress Standard.


  • Cars must not be parked in reserved or prohibited spaces.
  • The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited on the course and on practice greens (except for medical staff ‘on call’) and in the Clubhouse (except in the locker rooms, the concourse and adjacent to the phone booth by the main staircase). Mobile phones must be switched off upon entering the Clubhouse.
  • The Snooker Room is reserved for Clontarf Members only.
  • The Club will not accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to visitors’ property as per the ‘Occupier’s Liability Act 1995’.
  • In order to avoid embarrassment, Society Secretaries must ensure that each Society member is made aware of these conditions in advance of the date of the Outing.


  • The balance of the amount due must be paid on the day of the Outing at the office either immediately before or after the last player in the Society has teed off. If the office is closed, payment must be made to the Bar staff.