Draft AGM Minutes Of The Men’s Club
Clontarf and Bowling Club
Date: Wednesday 8th January 2020
Attendance: 87 & Committee
Meeting Commenced: 6.30pm
Introductory Remarks:
The Chairman, Ray Bergin, welcomed the members to the meeting and thanked them for their
A minutes silence was observed in memory of deceased members.
Reading of notice convening the meeting and the agenda:
The notice convening the meeting was read by the Men’s Secretary, Ray Maguire.
Adoption of Standing Orders
The standing orders were adopted by the meeting.
Proposed by: Aidan Foy
Seconded by: Tommy Cooke
Notification of any other business.
Complimenting the volunteer group for the work undertaken in 2019, Andy Cullen requested
information as to its plans for 2020.
Draft Minutes of previous AGM.
The Chairman suggested that the draft minutes be taken as read. This was agreed by the meeting.
Proposed by: Martin Kelly
Seconded by: Dave Dalton
The draft minutes were adopted by the meeting.
Proposed by: Michael Tyndall
Seconded by: Tony Stanley
Matters arising from the Minutes.
There were no matters arising from the Minutes.
Treasurer’s report for 2019 and estimates for 2020.
The Chairman received approval for the Treasurer’s report and estimates for 2020 to be taken as
Proposed by: Brendan Foy
Seconded by: Paul McLoughlin
The Men’s Treasurer, Tom Sheridan stated that the income and expenditure statement was
extracted from the financial statements of The Clontarf & Bowling Club for the year ended 31st
October 2019 as audited by the Club’s auditor, and certified as a true extract and signed by the
honorary Auditor to the Men’s Club, Liam Twohig.
The Treasurer reported as follows:
General domestic and invitation fee income total €66,066 against prizes of €50,565, representing a
76% return to members.
Three fee income catagories, Open Week, Open Seniors and The Lord Mayors Cup competition
totalling €11,000, and their associated prize expenses, were not included in the audited figures.
The combination of these two figures, total €77,066 comes close to previous years entry fee figures.
Collected sponsor income totalled €17,475 against a budget of €15,000.
On behalf of the Men’s Committee the treasurer thanked all first time and existing sponsors for their
very generous financial support.
Miscellaneous items eg. score cards, engraving, flowers for rules night (Jennifer O’Connell) etc, cost
€1,916, slightly below budget.
Team expenses were lower than budgeted and reflects the performance of Club team’s over the
period. Provision for a better year in 2020 is made.
Members playing in Prizes of the Month (POM), Medals, and Cups were slightly down on last year,
but increased on Wednesday invitations. However the numbers of visitors in Wednesday invitations
was down as was the number of visitors in general invitations and open competitions. General
domestic competition numbers were about the same as last year.
The Men’s Club returned a surplus to the Golf Club of €16,553.
There were no matters arising from the treasurer’s Report.
The treasurer’s report and estimates for 2020 were adopted by the meeting.
Proposed by: Sean Carroll
Seconded by: Gerry Keevey
Secretary’s Report
The Secretary’s Report was taken as read.
Proposed by: Ray Williams
Seconded by: Gilbert Brosnan
There were no matters arising from the Secretary’s report.
The reporrt was adopted by the meeting.
Proposed by: Paul McLoughlin
Seconded by: John McMahon
Notices of motion.
Item 9.1
That the Turkey League be restored to the schedule of Men’s competitions for 2020 and subsequent
years in the same format as prevailed for 2018 and as was scheduledfor 2019.
Proposed by: Michael Tyndall
Seconded by: Brian Looby
The proposer and seconder spoke in support of the motion.
The Chairman then opened the motion to the floor.
Tommy McCarthy and David Hennessy both contributed to the debate.
Michael Tyndall responded to the points.
On a show of hands the motion was defeated.
Election of Committee:
The Chairman, Ray Bergin, addressed the meeting with his comments on his year in office as Captain
of the Club:
“Before we proceed with the Election of Committee Members for 2020 I would like to say a few
words about my year in office.
Firstly, and most importantly, I would like to reiterate my thanks to Jack Higgins for giving me this
wonderful opportunity, one which I have thoroughly enjoyed.
I wish to thank the following for all their hard work and commitment throughout the year.
Members of The Men’s Committee, our Trustees, The Management Committee, our Staff – in House,
on the Course, Bar, Restaurant, Security, Pro shop.
To all the members who volunteer and give so generously of their time with the Kiddies Santa Day,
the Lotto, Poker, Bridge, Indoor Bowling, our singers, Tournament, Handicap, and Social
Committees, the Midweekers and Bunnies Committees, the grounds volunteer group, our team
managers and Charity Day volunteers and all those who helped out in any way throughout the year.
I also wish to thank all of our Sponsors for their continued support and generosity.
Thank you also to Michael Tyndall and President Tommy Cooke for giving so generously of your time
with your cameras in order to capture and record the memorable occasions throughout the year and
to Michael for your continued great work with the monthly newsletter.
I am particularly proud of the Club’s successes in 2019:
Our pennant with the O’Grady Cup.
The Jimmy McClean Trophy.
The winning of the Liam Dockrell Trophy.
The winning of the 2019 North Dublin Snooker League.
Not forgetting the Golfers Guide to Ireland Customer Service Award.
I have a special thank you for our past Captains Anna and Derek. I like to think, we had a great
journey together and shared in many memorable moments.
It has been a great honour and a pleasure for me to represent you, the members, and also to
represent Clontarf Golf and Bowling Club throughout the year
I wish to thank you all for the respect and courtesy shown to me personally during my time in office.
I have had a wonderful time and I will certainly cherish the memories.
Finally, I wish our club officers and committees, including, the incoming Captain Brian and incoming
Vice Captain Dave, Lady Captain Anne and Lady Vice Captain Mary, Bowling Captain Peter and
Bowling Vice Captain John, President Tommy and Vice President Andy all the very best for 2020.
The Chairman Ray then invited the incoming Captain, Brian Leech to be presented with his blazer
and badge of office. He welcomed him as Captain of the Club for 2020.
Captain Brian then took the Chair and addressed the meeting:
He thanked Ray for asking him to become his vice-Captain and expressed his gratitude to Ray for all
the kindness and understanding shown to him over the last year.
The Captain thanked all the members of staff for all their help over the last year.
The Captain said how much he had enjoyed attending all the inter-club matches and expressed his
gratitude to all the team managers and players.
He wanted to particularly thank all the members who have agreed to sponsor various competitions
in the year ahead.
He also said that he had made many new friends in 2019 and very much looked forward to the year
The Captain then moved to the election of the Men’s Committee for 2020.
Two places remained to be filled, both on House Sub-Committee:
The Chaiman, Brian, sought nominations from the floor.
Jack McGuinness was proposed by Dave Dalton. Brian Leech seconded his proposal.
Michael O’Connor was proposed by John McMahon.
Ray Maguire seconded his proposal.
The Chairman asked the floor if there were any other nominations for these positions. There were
no more nominations.
Jack McGuinness and Michael O’Connor were declared duly elected.
The Chairman thanked the outgoing members of the Committee for all their hard work throughout
the year. Committee members not standing for re-election include: Keiron Duffy, Joe Sheridan, Tom
Sheridan and Tommy McCarthy.
The following were duly elected to the Men’s Committee for 2020:
Election of Hon. Auditor.
Liam Twohig was elected as Honorary Auditor for 2020.
Proposed by: Tom Sheridan
Seconded by: Andy Cullen
Position Nominee Proposed by Seconded by
Captain Brian Leech Ray Bergin Jack Higgins
Vice-Captain Dave Dalton Brian Leech Ray Bergin
Men’s Secretay Ray Maguire John
Jack Higgins
Men’s Treasurer Brendan O’Brien Tom
Brian Leech
Men’s Tournament
John Lambert Brian Looby Brian Johnson
Men’s Handicap
Peter Bergin Brian Leech Dave Hennessy
Male Junior Convenor Shay Nash Ray Bergin Paul McMahon
Course Sub-Committee Gerry Power Conor
Tommy McCarthy
Course Sub-Committee John McMahon Gerry power Jason McLoughlin
House Sub-Committee Jack McGuinness Dave Dalton Brian Leech
House Sub-Committee Michael
Ray Maguire
Social Activities SubCommittee
Tony O’Toole John
Jack Higgins
Social Activities SubCommittee
Dave Drennan Tony O’Toole Tom Sheridan
Any other Business.
Under AOB, Andy Cullen had complimented the volunteers for the work undertaken in 2019 and had
requested information as to its plans for 2020.
On behalf of the Men’s Committee Ray Maguire (Men’s Secretary) answered:
The volunteer group set up by the Men’s Committee in the Spring of 2019, with a view to enhancing
the various planted areas on the course and in the environs of the Club House.
16 members of the Club have thus far volunteered. In general, work was undertaken one evening
per week throughout the summer months and on Saturdays throughout the autumn, (weather
The Management Committee has been generous with their support and funding. The funding
requested and spent to date has been in the region of €700.
The group intends to maintain and further develop the ten bedding areas already worked on. It is
also intended, with the agreement of the Management Committee, to rejuvinate the island area in
the car park.
The Committee thank all the members of the volunteer group and special thanks to Jason
McLoughlin (Chairman of Course), Darragh O’Malley, (Course Superintendant) and the General
Manager, Pat Murray for all their help and continued support.
The Chairman declared the meeting closed.
Brian Leech,
Captain 2020

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