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Clontarf Malone- Belfast Friendship Trophy

Friendship Trophy being presented by A. CULLEN President to the Captains of Malone Golf Club and Malone Bowling Club.

Ladies Bowling League of Ireland Championships 2022

Hosted by Clontarf Bowling Club from Monday 8th to Thursday 11th August 2022.

Message of Thanks

Thank you to everyone in Clontarf Golf and Bowling Club who helped and supported the organising of the Ladies Bowling League of Ireland Championships at Clontarf Bowling Club last week. The event was a resounding success. There have been lots of compliments from the participants and spectators about the club, the wonderful grass rinks, the facilities offered, the organisational arrangements and the hospitality and friendliness shown to contestants and guests. I’ve been told that our Club’s effort has set a blueprint for future championships events.

This 4-day event was a big undertaking for the Bowling Club. It would not have been possible without the trojan work of the volunteer corps of the Bowling Club backed by Captain John and the Bowling Club Committee and supported by the President, Officers and General Manager of the Club and the Captains and both member bowlers and golfers.

There were 27 matches with 144 contestants over the 4 days.  Hundreds of supporters and guests came to Clontarf to enjoy the championship bowling.  There were 29 volunteer bowler members on the rota over the 4 days and others turned up on the day and helped out.  They set out the rinks, put out mats, jacks, scoreboards, raised the flags, greeted the guests, assisted the contestants, helped with the Marquee refreshments and undertook the numerous other tasks that made the event a memorable spectacle.

Thank you to Lady Captain Mary and the lady golfers who made their locker room available to the lady bowler competitors. It was greatly appreciated by them. Thank you to President Andy and the Officers and Captains of the Golf and Bowling Club who made their parking spaces available to the Umpires and the LBLI officials for the four days.    Thank you to Ann and Laurent and their staff who courteously and efficiently fed the contestants and spectators each day and provided a wonderful Presentation Dinner on Thursday.  Thank you to the Bar staff for keeping the thirsty watered and helping in other ways. The delicious food was a constant topic of conversation (after the weather) throughout the week.  Thank you to Darragh and his crew for ensuring the rinks were in top condition and to John Delaney and his team for sorting the Wi-Fi, the delivery of the Scoreboard, the parking, the cleaning and the facilities arrangements and to Flo who was on hand to sort out the last-minute issues that cropped up.  Michelle, Audrey and Muriel, thank you for your help with the admin and with the repairs to the President’s chain.

Neil, thank you for helping us to pull it all together, for checking in with us every day and for all you have done to ensure the Championship week would run smoothly.

Thank you too, to all Club members for the patience and the good humour shown to us when we were coming and going through the clubhouse and the pavilion and generally making our presence felt while making our preparations.   There were many others involved in the months leading up to the event, ensuring the gardens were planted and tended and looking their best and working quietly behind the scenes.  To each and every one of you we say Thank You.

Clontarf Bowling Club Presidency Committee

Catherine Hazlett LBLI President 2022, Yvonne Keogh, Vice Captain CBC, Ann Louise Mulhall, Joan Doyle, Lynne Foy, Dorothy Dwyer and Andy Cullen, President CGBC.

15 August 2022

APRIL LBLI Unfurling Clontarf Bowling Club

Well we were blessed with the fine weather for the unfurling and

Upcoming Presidency of LBLI

Clontarf Presidency of the Ladies Bowling League of Ireland -Newsletter 1

Our member, Catherine Hazlett took up the Presidency of the Ladies Bowling League of
Ireland in December 2021.

LBLI Unfurling will take place on Wednesday 13 April at 12 30 pm.
The unfurling will be performed by our President Catherine Hazlett of LBLI.

The guest of honor will be the Lord Mayor Councilor Alison Gilliland. President of CGBC Andy Cullen,
Bowling Captain John Hackett, President of BLI Tony O’Brien and LBLI Committee
members will attend.

Each of the 18 bowling club members of the LBLI will be represented
by 2 members.

All Clontarf Bowling Club members are invited to attend the unfurling.

Open Competition -Round Robin will take place at 11am and 2 pm on April 14.

This competition is open to members of all 18 bowling club members of the LBLI.

15 of our members have booked to take part.

This competition should be an interesting event to watch
and members are asked to help out to ensure its success.

LBLI Championships week will take place here in Clontarf August 8 to 11 inclusive
The semi-finals and finals of LBLI competitions at Senior and Junior championships will be
held each day.

Members are invited to watch the high standard of bowling which will be on
show. We anticipate some of our members would be involved in these finals.
Council Meetings are held in Clontarf .

Representative from each member club attend to discuss issues, formulate LBLI policies and
make decisions, having obtained views of their members, on issues re merger of LBLI and
BLI to form a new representative association..

Yvonne Keogh and Ann Louise Mulhall are the Clontarf representatives.

Two council meeting have been held to date.

Further Council meetings are scheduled for
9th April, 7th May, 30th July, 27th August, 24th September, and 15th October.

Other LBLI Events planned are
LBLI Presentations of Leagues and Championship winner will be presented at a lunch on
September 17th, in Clontarf.

LBLI AGM on Saturday 12th November in Clontarf.

Bowling March 22

Captain’s Unfurling 26th March 3pm  Dear Member, You are cordially invited to the official opening of our Bowling Green for the 2022 season on Saturday 26th March at 3pm.  The opening ceremony will be followed by

Bowling Club Unfurling

On Saturday afternoon the 2022 season commenced with the unfurling of the Club Flag, the EU Flag and each Captain bowled a bowl up and down the rink.  An address was given by John Hackett, our Captain.  Club members were invited into the West Wing for refreshments.  Members also filled in and paid for competition forms for the coming season.

Captain Peter’s Dinner

Captain Peter’s Dinner

will take place this year on the 19th of November 2021 in the Restaurant.

Tickets will be available from Reception.

Cost will be €35 each.


This will be a great night and we would encourage everyone to support our Captain.

There will be entertainment on the night and the prize giving ceremony for all our Club Competitions.

This is the social highlight of our Bowling year so lets make it great.


Cost will be updated as soon as we can organise it.




Bowling Committee








Bowling Finals 2021

24th Sept 11am  Lady Captains Prize: Peter Laird, Shay Keogh, Mick O Keeffe V Mick Mc Cormack, Gretta Hardy, Margaret Carberry

Rink Times Changes

Bowling rink times have changed and have reverted to the Internationally recognised times. This was necessary to allow for competitions.

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