22nd April, 2023

******* RESULT CORRECTION*******

PrizeName(s)Playing HandicapScore
Medal WinnerPhilip L’Estrange1868(L9)
GrossSean Stafford573
Class I 1stDave Brennan1269
Class I 2ndJP Auguste1271(L9)
Class II 1stCian O’Brien1671
Class II 2ndBrian Reid1372(L9)
Class III 1stBrendan McKenna1672 (L3)
Class III 2ndPatrick O’Connor2172(L6)
Class IV 1stColm Kennedy2169(L9)
Class IV 2nd Tommy Cooke2269

Medal will be presented on Presentation night later in the year.

Winners vouchers will be available from the bar later in the week.

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