24th June 2023.

PrizeName(s)Playing HandicapScore
Medal WinnerDave J Kelly2165
Best GrossDean Russell271
1st Class IConor Davis1066
2nd Class ISean Stafford567 L9
1st Class IICiaran McGrath1267 L6
2nd Class IIThomas Blake1267 L9
1st Class IIIConor O Neill1969 L9
2nd Class IIIIan McGee1669 L9
1st Class IVJohn J Whelan3269 L9
2nd Class IVGabriel Curley2769

Medal will be presented on Presentation night later in the year.

Winners vouchers will be available from the bar later this week.

Congratulations to Gavin McEvoy for a 2 on the 9th hole.

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