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Following from the adoption of motions, at the January 2012 AGM, on Leave of Absence and Special Category Membership the Management Committee has discussed their implementation. The following will guide their actions on the implementation of the respective motions:

Leave of Absence….the motion allows for access to the clubhouse facilities  throughout the period of LOA. Members must notify their intention to use the course to the General Manager. The 30-day golfing access is to be managed and monitored by the General Manager who will advise the Club Secretary of requests and decisions about course use.

Special Category …. applications for Special Category membership will be decided on a case by case basis with the following guidelines…. Special Category is for members suffering serious illness or recovering from major trauma which will prevent them from playing golf or bowls for one year.


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This system was developed by the provider in response to clubs that were looking to overcome the problem of people cancelling tee times late in the day and the slots then went unfilled despite the fact that other members wanted to play.

This feature only applies to a booking for an individual, irrespective of the format being played i.e. singles, f/ball, team etc. If a name is deleted for any reason and the vacant tee time is within the chosen time frame requested by a person on the waiting list then his/her name will automatically be inserted in the vacant time slot and confirmatory emails will be sent to him/her and the other players on the line.,

If you wish to change a name/s on your line you should first check the waiting list to ensure that there is nobody waiting for a tee time at the time you wish to change, as if so they will be allocated the slot as soon as you cancel the 1st name. If there is no one seeking a tee time, within their requested time frame, that corresponds with the booked time you wish to change, then you may make the change as heretofore.

If there is someone on the waiting list seeking such a tee time and you wish to change a name on your line you should do it through the pro-shop.

This system has been used in many other golf clubs and has reportedly worked very satisfactorily.


Keys to wooden lockers in changing rooms must be vacated every night and keys left back in the locker door. Security staff have been instructed to change locks and remove personal property left in lockers overnight.

Please do not leave clothing, shoes or golf equipment in the changing rooms or concourse overnight as these items will be removed without notice.


Members are reminded that they are responsible for their children while on the premises and parental control is required. Under no circumstances should they be allowed wander onto the course.


During bad weather, to find out if the course is open or closed, please phone us on 833 1892 and select required option 3.


Competition results are published in the Results Section of this site on the evening of the competition.


You may top-up the credit on your swipe card as follows:

1. Bar – through the bar
2. Restaurant & Bar Food – through the restaurant
3. Competitions & Pro-shop Accounts – through the pro-shop.

Minimum recommended top-up is €20 for bar & competitions and €50 for restaurant.


Defibrillator (AED) is available on site to assist any person who might suffer a sudden cardiac arrest. See back of new score card for contact phone numbers in case of emergency.


Please ensure that you advise the office of a change of address, telephone no. or email.

To be included on the Club’s text messaging system please give your mobile no. into the office or email to If you have signed up and are not receiving text messages please advise office. Did you perhaps change your no.?

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