1 The facilities of the Snooker Room are available to Members subject to compliance with these Bye-Laws.
2 The Snooker Tables are reserved for the use of Members and Members’ guests. Visitors may not use the tables unless playing with a Member.
3 Food is not permitted in the Snooker Room.

Waiting List:
1 Any Member desiring to play at a time when both tables are occupied shall signify his/her intention to do so on the board (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Waiting List’) kept for that purpose in the Snooker Room. Save for the purpose of booking a match in a recognised Club competition, no name shall be entered on the Waiting List unless both tables are in use at the time. Club competitions matches take priority over other matches. Visitors’ names must not be entered on the Waiting List.
2 Only one coin may be inserted in the meter at a time. If there is a name on the Waiting List, the table must be surrendered when the light runs out.
3 No name shall be removed from the Waiting List except with the express consent of that person or, in the event that that person cannot be found after reasonable efforts to find him/her have been made.
4 Any Member, who is actually playing at a table, shall not be entitled to include or have his/her name included on the Waiting List.
5 When a table becomes vacant and there is a Waiting List, the person named at the top of that list shall be entitled to next use of that table. If it happens that the person at the top of the Waiting List is not in the Snooker Room at the time when a table becomes vacant, reasonable efforts shall be made to locate him/her in the Clubhouse before any other persons use the table. In the context of this Bye-Law and of Bye-Law no.  3 above, “reasonable efforts” means making enquiries to ascertain whether or not the persons concerned are in the Bars or T.V. Room.

Care of Tables and Equipment:
1 The table-cover must be folded lengthways when removing.
2 The table light must be on during play.
3 Balls should be set up by placing the triangle onto the assembled ‘reds’. The reds should never be dropped into the triangle.
4 When positioning the ‘colours’, care should be taken not to damage the cloth.
The recommended method is to roll the ball onto its spot.
5 White chalk must not be used on cue tips.
6 Cue tips must not be allowed to come in contact with the cloth.
7 The cue ball must not be struck harder than required.
8 The ‘masse shot’ is not permitted.
9 Coins must not be tossed over or allowed to fall on the Snooker Table
10 Drinks must be kept well away from the tables.1
11 Table covers must be replaced correctly when tables are  not in use.

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