Clontarf Ramblers

I have been speaking to a number of people within the Golf and Bowling Club who have expressed an interest in a hiking and walking as a group.

We hope to meet up in the Clubhouse once a month for an informal get together where we can plan our events and trips.

Our aim is to organise a hike in the mountains, local walk or weekends away.

Please just drop up to one of our meetings or tag along with a friend.

All our event dates will be posted here and on the Club Calendar.

Harold Naughton Tel: 085 781 6528

Denis Murphy Tel: 086 251 5732

Places of interest

Crone Wood

Cruagh Wood to Masseys Estate


Three Rock Fairy Castle

Bog of Frogs Howth

Howth cliff walk

Portrane cliff walk

Dublin Docklands

Greystones to Bray cliff walk

Bull Island

Many of these walks are right on our doorstep and as a group we can go together and explore the beautiful vistas that are all around us.

We could have one person to do a little research and organise a walk of their liking for the monthly walks.

We will meet in the Club at 9am or 8am if you would like to start the day with a breakfast together in the lounge.

Then on to the destination.

Bring a packed lunch depending on the trip.

After trip return to the Clubhouse to wind down and relay the stories of your trip to all your club mates….

Our next trip:               Masseys Estate from Cruagh Wood with lunch

Time:                             Meet 10am at car park

Check weather here:

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