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AGM 2023 ( Draft)

Draft AGM 2023 minutes


Attendance: The were 58 members in attendance as per the signing in sheet.

Apologies: Denis Murphy.

Introductory Remarks: Captain John Hackett opened the meeting by welcoming members. He was heartened to see so many in attendance.

Notice Convening the Meeting: The notice convening the meeting, which had been circulated to members was taken as read. Proposed by Dermot Halpin, seconded by Aidan Foy.

Adoption of Standing Orders: The standing orders, which had been circulated to members were taken as read. Proposed by Brendan Darcy, seconded by Ann Louise Mulhall.

Items for AOB: Yvonne Keogh said she wished to withdraw her motion as she had been informed the motion was unconstitutional. The bowling club had no authority to impose levies. She asked the matter to be discussed under AOB.

Adoption of Minutes of 2022 AGM: The minutes which had been circulated to members were taken as read. Proposed by Ann Phelan, seconded by Joan Doyle.

Matters Arising from Minutes: There were no matters arising.

Appointment of Scrutineers: There will be a secret ballot to elect new committee members, John Brady, Ann O’Reilly, and Margaret McLoughlin were appointed to oversee the counting of votes.

Secretary’s Report: The Secretary reported he had nothing to add as all matters had been covered by the Captain’s and Competitions Secretary’s Reports. He attended to all correspondence throughout the year.

Treasurers Report: This report had been circulated to members and was taken as read. Proposed by Aidan Foy, seconded by Peter Laird.

Election of Auditor: Eugene O’Donnell was proposed as Auditor for the coming year. Proposed by Joan Doyle, seconded by John Hackett. This was passed by a unanimous vote.

Matters arising from Treasurers Report: There were no matters arising.

Competitions Secretary’s Report: This had been circulated to members and was taken as read. Proposed by Gwen Dunne, seconded by Madge Lynch.

Matters arising from Competition Secretary’s Report: Some members felt the handicap system had failed as it favoured higher handicap players. It was agreed to ask the incoming handicap committee to review this.

Motions: One motion had been received. It was deemed unconstitutional and was withdrawn.

Election of Office Bearers: There were six nominations for Office bearers, Captain: Yvonne Keogh, Vice-Captain: Ann Phelan, Ex-officio: John Hackett, Secretary: Shay Carberry, Treasurer: Joan Doyle, Competitions Secretary: Denis Murphy. They were deemed elected.

Election of Committee Members: There were eight nominations for six positions. A secret ballot was held, and the following were elected. Lynne Foy, Brendan McConkey, Pauline McGinn, Kevin Marshall, Ann Louise Mulhall and Harold Naughton.

Investiture of Captain: Outgoing Captain John Hackett presented Yvonne Keogh with her Blazer and officially welcomed her as Captain.

Any other Business: The decision of the Management Committee that providing tea and coffee to visiting teams in the Bowling Pavilion should cease was a matter of concern. Most other clubs, particularly in Ladies and Vets Divisions provide this hospitality. Members felt this would tarnish our reputation. Following a lively discussion, the Secretary suggested members should have a think about the problem and make suggestions to the bowling committee with a view to resolving the situation. These could then be brought to the Management Committee.

The meeting was then ended by Yvonne Keogh.



Yvonne Keogh,

Bowling Captain,

Clontarf Bowling Club.

Bowling Club AGM 2024

Draft Minutes of 2024 AGM Minutes of the 2024 Clontarf Bowling Club Annual General Meeting held in the Clubhouse on Tuesday 9th January 2024 at 7.30pm. Draft

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