Draft Minutes of 2024 AGM

Minutes of the 2024 Clontarf Bowling Club Annual General Meeting held in
the Clubhouse on Tuesday 9th January 2024 at 7.30pm.


Attendance: There were 46 members in attendance as per the signing in sheet.
Apologies: Pat Woods, Denis Murphy, Shay Carberry, Patricia Boyne, Marcella
Dunne, Harold Naughton and Helen Cummins.
1. Introductory remarks: Captain Yvonne Keogh opened the meeting by
welcoming members and thanking them for their attendance.
2. Notice convening meeting: The notice had been sent to members by email and
was taken as read.
3. Standing Orders: These had been circulated in advance to members. They
were taken as read and adopted. Proposer: Ann Louise Mulhall: Seconder:
Dermot Halpin.
4. Any Other Business: There were no items flagged for AOB.
5. Adoption of the 2023 AGM minutes: The minutes had been circulated in
advance to members. They were taken as read and adopted. Proposer: Karen
Murphy. Seconder: Brendan Darcy.
6. Matters arising from the Minutes. There were no matters arising from the
7. Captain’s report: The Captain’s report had been circulated in advance to
members. Captain Yvonne provided an update to the meeting. Since the report
was circulated, it has been confirmed that Dublin City Council has agreed a grant
of €12,000 to help with the cost of the underpinning work required for the
Bowling Green. The Golf Club will provide an additional €4,000. Captain Yvonne,
on behalf of members, thanked the Council and the Golf Club for their support
with the cost of this essential work. She thanked Aidan Foy and others for their
work to secure the DCC grant and Cllr Deirdre Heney for her support in the grant
application process.
The Captain’s report was noted: Proposer: Aidan Foy. Seconder: Lynne Foy.
8. Treasurer’s report: The AGM voted (on a show of hands) to adjourn this item
and to resume in April when the Audited accounts are available. The Treasurer’s
report will be the only item on the Agenda for the resumed AGM.

9. Election of Auditors: On the President’s advice the AGM elected Eugene
O’Donnell to be Honorary Auditor for 2024. The vote was taken by a show of
10. Competitions Secretary’s Report: This had been circulated in advance to
members. A correction was noted by the meeting and the report was taken as
read and adopted. Proposer:
11. Greens Manager’s Report: This had been circulated in advance to members
and the report was taken as read and adopted. Proposer:
There were no motions submitted for the AGM.
12. Election of Office Bearers: There were six nominations for office bearer
positions. Captain: Anne Phelan, Vice-Captain: Aidan Foy, Past Captain: Yvonne
Keogh, Secretary: Catherine Hazlett, Competitions Secretary: Brendan Darcy,
Treasurer: Joan Doyle. They were deemed elected.
13. Election of Committee Members: There were six nominations for the positions
on the Bowling Committee. Lynne Foy, Paul Moylett, Ann Louise Mulhall, Pauline
Mc Ginn, Harold Naughton and Pat Woods. They were deemed elected.
14. Clontarf Bowling Club Centenary 2025. A report on the preparations for the
Bowling Club’s centenary 2025 was circulated to all members present at the
AGM. Yvonne Keogh spoke about the progress made and the need for
volunteers to assist with the arrangements. A lot of work has been done by the
Centenary Committee to date. A draft programme of events to mark the year has
been put together. It is estimated that some €27,000 will be needed. Approx
€5,000 has been raised to date. A golf Classic has been arranged for 26 th April
2024 and bowlers are asked to sponsor a hole at a cost of €50 each. Other
fundraising events are planned for the year. Help is needed and Bowling
members are asked to come forward for committees to make the Centenary Year
2025 a success.
15. Clontarf Friday Friends. A report on the second season of Clontarf Friday
Friends was circulated to members present at the AGM. Dermot Halpin spoke
about the bowler’s involvement in the initiative with St Micheals House and the
reward and enjoyment experienced by participants. The Club is actively
recruiting new volunteers from the golfing and bowling community so that the
initiative can be improved and expanded in the coming year.
16. Investiture of new Captain. Outgoing Captain Yvonne Keogh presented Anne
Phelan with her new blazer and wished her well for the year ahead. Captain
Anne said she was honoured to accept the Captaincy and looked forward to
working hard with members for the continued success of Clontarf Bowling Club.
17. Any Other Business: There were no items submitted for AOB.
Meeting concluded.
Yvonne Keogh thanked members for attending the meeting and wished them a safe
journey home. The meeting concluded at 7.53 pm.

Clontarf Bowling Club AGM 2024 (Notices) 

The following have been nominated as office bearers of Clontarf Bowling Club for 2024

No.PositionPerson NominatedProposed




  1Captain.Anne PhelanYvonne KeoghJohn Hackett
  2Vice-Captain.Aidan FoyAnne PhelanYvonne Keogh
  3 Yvonne KeoghAutomaticAutomatic
  4Secretary.Catherine HazlettAnne PhelanYvonne Keogh


Brendan DarcyAnne PhelanJoan Doyle
  6Treasurer.Joan DoyleAnne PhelanBrendan Darcy

There are six nominations for six positions on the Bowling Club Committee.


 Proposed bySeconded By
Committee MemberLynne FoyJoan DoylePauline McGinn
Committee MemberPaul MoylettAnne PhelanTeresa McKenna
Committee MemberAnn Louise MulhallYvonne KeoghJoan Doyle
Committee MemberPauline McGinnJoan DoyleLynne Foy
Committee MemberHarold NaughtonLynne FoyJoan Doyle
Committee MemberPat WoodsAnne PhelanBrendan McConkey

Standing Orders for General Meetings


  1. The Conduct of Business

1.1. The Chairman of each General Meeting shall conduct the business of the meeting in accordance with the Constitution and these Standing Orders.

1.1.1. The ruling of the Chairman on procedure and all points of order shall be final.

1.1.2. All persons present shall accept his/her rulings and cease speaking at his/her request.

1.1.3. Any person present and entitled to speak may raise a point of Order.

1.1.4. The Chairman shall decide same before proceeding with the business.

1.1.5. If the Chairman rises to speak, all other Members shall be seated immediately.

1.1.6. The Chairman shall have the right to require any person who is causing a disturbance or is generally disrupting the proceedings of any meeting, to leave and to adjourn the business of the meeting until the person does so.

1.1.7. Each speaker shall stand when speaking and address his/her remarks to the Chairman.

1.1.8. When speaking to a Motion or Special Resolution, each speaker shall confine his/her remarks to the Motion or Special Resolution under discussion. Otherwise, the Chairman shall rule him/her out of order and refuse to hear him/her further.

1.1.9. Each person entitled to be present and speak shall be allowed to speak once only on each Motion or Special Resolution under discussion for 3 minutes, unless, under the direction of the Chairman in reply to a specific question, when he/she shall confine his/her remarks in reply to that question.

1.1.10. The proposer of a Motion or Special Resolution shall be afforded an opportunity to speak for a maximum of 10 minutes in favour of the Motion or Special Resolution.

1.1.11. The Chairman, at his/her discretion, may allow the proposer to speak for a longer period.

1.1.12. The proposer of a Motion or Special Resolution shall be allowed 3 minutes to reply to any points raised in the course of the general discussion of the Motion or Special Resolution. Such reply shall be made immediately after all other persons have spoken in accordance with this Order.

1.1.13.  The Chairman, without further delay, shall then put the Motion or Special Resolution to the Meeting.

1.1.14. Notwithstanding what is stated above, the Chairman may, at his/her discretion, allow an Officer of the Club or other Member presenting a report to reply to any points raised in debate arising out of such report.

1.1.15. Unless otherwise provided for in the Club’s Constitution, all decisions shall be by simple majority of those present.

1.1.16. In the case of an equality of voting on any question, whether on a show of hands or as a result of secret ballot, the Chairman shall have a deliberative vote and a casting vote.

  1. The Handling of Motions, Special Resolutions and Amendments

2.1. Motions, Special Resolutions and Amendments must be submitted in accordance with the provisions of these Standing Orders.

2.1.1. A first Motion/ Special Resolution or Proposal shall be called ‘the original Motion/ Special Resolution’ and having been duly proposed and seconded shall be discussed by the Meeting.

2.1.2. Any counter proposals shall be called ‘Amendments’ and shall be duly proposed and seconded and shall be discussed together with the original Motion/ Special Resolution.

2.1.3. Any number of Amendments (except a direct negative) may be introduced to the original Motion/ Special Resolution and the Chairman shall first put the last Amendment in point of time to the Meeting for a decision, and if then passed the amended original Motion/ Special Resolution shall be put to the Meeting for confirmation in place of the original Motion/ Special Resolution, and if passed shall become a duly passed Motion/ Special Resolution of the Meeting, and the original Motion/ Special Resolution and the other Amendments shall not be proceeded with.

2.1.4. If the last Amendment in point of time is rejected by the Meeting, the second last Amendment shall then be put to the Meeting and disposed of in the same manner as the last Amendment. If that Amendment is rejected by the meeting, the remaining Amendments shall be dealt with in reverse order in a similar manner until either an Amendment to the original Motion/ Special Resolution is accepted or all of the Amendments in question have been rejected. If all Amendments are rejected the original Motion/ Special Resolution shall then be put to the Meeting, and if accepted, shall become a duly passed Motion/ Special Resolution.

2.1.5. No further discussion on any Motion/ Special Resolution shall be allowed after the Meeting has given its decision on that Motion/ Special Resolution.

2.1.6. A mover of an Amendment to a Motion/ Special Resolution shall not have a right of reply. A Member may only propose one Amendment.

2.1.7. The Chairman shall not accept an Amendment to a Motion/ Special Resolution to alter the Rules of these Orders unless the Amendment is of a minor nature that does not conflict with the sense and meaning of the Motion/ Special Resolution.

2.1.8. No Motion/ Special Resolution or Amendment, which has been accepted by the Chairman, shall be withdrawn without the consent of the majority of those present at the Meeting and entitled to vote.

Draft AGM 2023 minutes


Attendance: The were 58 members in attendance as per the signing in sheet.

Apologies: Denis Murphy.

Introductory Remarks: Captain John Hackett opened the meeting by welcoming members. He was heartened to see so many in attendance.

Notice Convening the Meeting: The notice convening the meeting, which had been circulated to members was taken as read. Proposed by Dermot Halpin, seconded by Aidan Foy.

Adoption of Standing Orders: The standing orders, which had been circulated to members were taken as read. Proposed by Brendan Darcy, seconded by Ann Louise Mulhall.

Items for AOB: Yvonne Keogh said she wished to withdraw her motion as she had been informed the motion was unconstitutional. The bowling club had no authority to impose levies. She asked the matter to be discussed under AOB.

Adoption of Minutes of 2022 AGM: The minutes which had been circulated to members were taken as read. Proposed by Ann Phelan, seconded by Joan Doyle.

Matters Arising from Minutes: There were no matters arising.

Appointment of Scrutineers: There will be a secret ballot to elect new committee members, John Brady, Ann O’Reilly, and Margaret McLoughlin were appointed to oversee the counting of votes.

Secretary’s Report: The Secretary reported he had nothing to add as all matters had been covered by the Captain’s and Competitions Secretary’s Reports. He attended to all correspondence throughout the year.

Treasurers Report: This report had been circulated to members and was taken as read. Proposed by Aidan Foy, seconded by Peter Laird.

Election of Auditor: Eugene O’Donnell was proposed as Auditor for the coming year. Proposed by Joan Doyle, seconded by John Hackett. This was passed by a unanimous vote.

Matters arising from Treasurers Report: There were no matters arising.

Competitions Secretary’s Report: This had been circulated to members and was taken as read. Proposed by Gwen Dunne, seconded by Madge Lynch.

Matters arising from Competition Secretary’s Report: Some members felt the handicap system had failed as it favoured higher handicap players. It was agreed to ask the incoming handicap committee to review this.

Motions: One motion had been received. It was deemed unconstitutional and was withdrawn.

Election of Office Bearers: There were six nominations for Office bearers, Captain: Yvonne Keogh, Vice-Captain: Ann Phelan, Ex-officio: John Hackett, Secretary: Shay Carberry, Treasurer: Joan Doyle, Competitions Secretary: Denis Murphy. They were deemed elected.

Election of Committee Members: There were eight nominations for six positions. A secret ballot was held, and the following were elected. Lynne Foy, Brendan McConkey, Pauline McGinn, Kevin Marshall, Ann Louise Mulhall and Harold Naughton.

Investiture of Captain: Outgoing Captain John Hackett presented Yvonne Keogh with her Blazer and officially welcomed her as Captain.

Any other Business: The decision of the Management Committee that providing tea and coffee to visiting teams in the Bowling Pavilion should cease was a matter of concern. Most other clubs, particularly in Ladies and Vets Divisions provide this hospitality. Members felt this would tarnish our reputation. Following a lively discussion, the Secretary suggested members should have a think about the problem and make suggestions to the bowling committee with a view to resolving the situation. These could then be brought to the Management Committee.

The meeting was then ended by Yvonne Keogh.



Yvonne Keogh,

Bowling Captain,

Clontarf Bowling Club.

2024 AGM Agenda

Agenda for 2024 Clontarf Bowling Club Annual General Meeting to be held in the Clubhouse on Tuesday 9th January 2024 @ 7.30 pm



  • Introductory Remarks.
  • Notice convening the meeting
  • Adoption of standing orders
  • Any other Business
  • Adoption of Minutes of the 2023 Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 10thJanuary 2023.
  • Matters Arising from Minutes
  • Captains Report
  • Treasurers Report (deferred)
  • Election of Auditors
  • Competitions Secretary Report
  • Greens Manager Report
  • Election of Office Bearers
  • Election of Committee members
  • Clontarf Bowling Club Centenary 2025
  • Clontarf Friday Friends
  • Investiture of new Captain
  • Any Other Business.


                                                      BOWLING CAPTAIN’S REPORT 2023

It has been an honour to serve as your Captain and I thank John Hackett for nominating me as his vice-captain. I was also proud to be the second lady Captain of CBC.  I would like to thank the members of the Bowling Committee for their assistance and support throughout the year.

This year we had an inaugural fundraiser for St. Francis Hospice in early March.

The Club Unfurling was held on Saturday March 25th.  It was well attended and a very enjoyable afternoon. Kevin Marshall won the AWBA Champion of Champions the same day and joined us with his cup.  A great start to the year.

Clontarf Members did very well in ILB Competitions, and it was great to see so many entering these competitions.

Div 3 won their league.

Div 2 Wednesday came second in the league for the second year.

Div 2 Saturday came in fourth in the league.

Our Ladies were runners-up in the Open Cup

In the ILB Championships held in Bray Clontarf were Winners and Runners-up in the Murphy Cup.

A lot of silverware was collected at the ILB dinner in November.

Four of our members were selected for trials in Northern Ireland.

There was a really high standard of play in the club finals. Club Competitions are the backbone of the club and I would urge all members to enter at least 2 competitions each year. Prize giving takes place at the Captain’s Dinner in November.  I also feel in is important for Clontarf Bowlers to continue to enter ILB Championships and leagues.

The K.C Cup which was first played in 1947 between Kenilworth BC and Clontarf was hosted by Keniliworth in April and Clontarf retained the Cup.

We ran our Premier Competition, Clontarf Pairs, for the 71st year in June. We saw some excellent bowling.  Congratulations to Connie and Liam for reaching the finals.

The yearly match between Cavehill B.C. was played in Cavehill BC in August and Cavehill won on this occasion.

I would like to thank the Team Managers for all their hard work.

Centenary 2025

This is obviously a very important event for our club. I thank all those who served on the sub-committee to date.  However, it is a huge undertaking, and we need volunteers to come forward to help.

The course and gardens surrounding the green are really lovely and I thank all the volunteers who worked so hard.  The Rose Garden, Garden of Remembrance and miniature orchard are great additions.

I would also like to thank Denis Murphy and Shay Carberry, who are leaving the Bowling Committee for their hard work and commitment.

Social Bowling continues to prosper and we welcomed many new members.

I would like to wish Anne Phelan every success in her Captaincy in 2024 and to congratulate Aidan Foy on his appointment as Vice-Captain.

Kind regards,

Yvonne Keogh,

Bowling Captain 2023.

Green Manager’s Report 2023

The Bowling Green performed very well throughout the year. The underpinning – the timber surrounds which support the green-needs to be replaced.  We did receive a grant of 12K from Dublin City Council and the Management Committee agreed to make up the shortfall of approx. 4K. However due to the difficulty we had getting quotations, even though Yvonne and Anne, started working on it in January we still have not received confirmation that the grant has been paid. It has to be paid by end of 2023 or else we have to put in another applications with 3 new quotations!

The last report from STRI, the consultants employed by the club, completed on December 14th stated that the Bowling Green was the driest surface of all the club greens. It was free of disease but the wet weather demanded added fertiliser to counter conditions favouring moss.

The gate and fencing on right hand side near the golf course suffered damage during the year. The gate was replaced and fencing repaired. The fences near the lane also suffered storm damage.  These were repaired by our Bowling Volunteers a number of times.  The Management Committee have been informed that if these frequent storms continue the fence on this side will not survive and are going to get quotes to ascertain the cost of strengthening or replacing them.

I would like to thank all the bowling volunteers who did such tremendous work on the surrounds of the bowling green.  They worked extremely hard and as a result we have

  • A Rose Garden
  • A Garden of Remembrance
  • A miniature Orchard

These will be enjoyed by our members for many years to come.

Our scoreboard was replaced this year and my thanks to the volunteers who worked on this and the repairs to the shed door.

I hope by the night of the AGM we will have received positive news on the grant.

Harold Naughton

Greens Manager

Bowling Competition Secretary report 2023



This year we had 47 Members enter our Club Competitions

with a total separate Competition entries of 125

Winners                   Runners up

Men’s Championship  Moran Cup        30 Entrants

Kevin Marshall                     Peter Laird

Ladies Championship  Granville Cup   14 Entrants

Margaret Mc Loughlin     Ann Louise Mulhall

Junior Championship  Humphrey Cup  6 Entrants

John Brady                     Dermot Mc Murrough

Bowling Captains prize                          30 Entrants

 L Noble                                   Aidan Foy

Golf Captains Prize League DIV 1         16 Entrants

 Michael O Keeffe                   Liam Noble

Lady Captains Prize League DIV 2        15 Entrants

Dermot Mc Murrough            John Brady

Presidents Prize                                      19 Entrants

G Dunne & J Brooks       L Reynolds & L Noble

Senior Citizens   Plaque                         18 Entrants

Liam Noble                              Brendan Mc Conkey

Bowler Of The Year                               Liam Noble

Beginners Cup                                       Joe Fitzpatrick

Best Improver    Loughman Cup         John Brady

The current handicap system worked well, with lower handicapped players score going on the board at the start of the game.

This was reflected in the broad spread of winners throughout all competitions. Further adjustments will be made this year to handicaps to reflect players ability.

This year we trialled  a  League format for the Golf and Lady Captains prizes instead of the normal Knockout type. Each player had  3 matches to play before doing forward to the knockout rounds,

This format once understood,  proved very successful and gave players an interest in other games and how the score effected them, as well as being great value getting 3 games for your entry fee.

The pairs competition once again proved problematic with teams struggling to agree suitable closing dates.

Unfortunately during the season after the draws were made we had some pull-outs and no shows.

This caused major disruption especially to the league type games. Going forward this must be addressed as it is unfair to other players.

There was a lot of games to be played with entrants having to play up to 8 first round games, if they entered all available competitions. Players should be aware of the amount of games they have to play and should arrange games if they are going on holidays, they also need to be available to play on Finals day in early August.

Denis Murphy

Bowling Competition Secretary 2023

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