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Santa’s Timesheet 2022

Please See Attached for Santa’s Time Sheet 2022. Any members playing golf please be reminded that access to the Locker Rooms from Thursday (8th) through Saturday (10th) will be from the Bowling Green through the emergency exits. Please also note that if you are playing golf during this time, you should keep your clubs & […]

St. Michael’s House – Clontarf Friday Friends

Clontarf Friday Friends Season Ends

The Club’s Special Olympics Golf and Bowling Programme in partnership with St Michael’s House  known as  “Clontarf Friday Friends” completed its inaugural season last Friday. The  season which  ran every Friday morning from May to September involved 25 club members who acted as coaches in golf and bowling to a core of 60 participants.. C.F.F. […]

Clontarf Malone- Belfast Friendship Trophy

Friendship Trophy being presented by A. CULLEN President to the Captains of Malone Golf Club and Malone Bowling Club.

Ladies Bowling League of Ireland Championships 2022

Hosted by Clontarf Bowling Club from Monday 8th to Thursday 11th August 2022. Message of Thanks Thank you to everyone in Clontarf Golf and Bowling Club who helped and supported the organising of the Ladies Bowling League of Ireland Championships at Clontarf Bowling Club last week. The event was a resounding success. There have been […]

APRIL LBLI Unfurling Clontarf Bowling Club

Well we were blessed with the fine weather for the unfurling and

Upcoming Presidency of LBLI

Clontarf Presidency of the Ladies Bowling League of Ireland -Newsletter 1 Our member, Catherine Hazlett took up the Presidency of the Ladies Bowling League of Ireland in December 2021. LBLI Unfurling will take place on Wednesday 13 April at 12 30 pm. The unfurling will be performed by our President Catherine Hazlett of LBLI. The […]

Bowling March 22

Captain’s Unfurling 26th March 3pm  Dear Member, You are cordially invited to the official opening of our Bowling Green for the 2022 season on Saturday 26th March at 3pm.  The opening ceremony will be followed by

Bowling Club Unfurling

On Saturday afternoon the 2022 season commenced with the unfurling of the Club Flag, the EU Flag and each Captain bowled a bowl up and down the rink.  An address was given by John Hackett, our Captain.  Club members were invited into the West Wing for refreshments.  Members also filled in and paid for competition […]

Captain Peter’s Dinner

Captain Peter’s Dinner will take place this year on the 19th of November 2021 in the Restaurant. Tickets will be available from Reception. Cost will be €35 each.   This will be a great night and we would encourage everyone to support our Captain. There will be entertainment on the night and the prize giving […]