BYE LAWS  2022


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The following Bowling Club Bye-Laws shall be deemed to have been amended on the 30th November 2020 and 10th February 2021 subject to, and in accordance with, Rule 9.3.14 of the Rules and Regulations of the Bowling Club.

1. All bowls used on the Green must conform to WORLD BOWLS specifications.
2. No member of the Bowling Club shall use bowls belonging to another Member without the permission of that Member.
3. Players, Umpires and Markers shall wear smooth-soled, heel-less footwear while playing on
the green or acting as Umpires or Markers
4. Players must not drop bowls onto the Green.
5. No smoking permitted on the Green or on the environment of the green, in the club house,
on the veranda or the viewing stand. All smokers must use the Designated Smokers Area.
6. Non-Players shall not be allowed on the green or on the bank surroundings the green, nor
shall they distract or otherwise interfere with players on the green.
7. Members must not dispose of litter of any type, empty glasses or empty bottles anywhere in
the environments of the Bowling Green. These items must be placed in the receptacles
provided and all glasses returned to the bar.
8. Under Rule 19.1 the Bowling Committee shall establish the conditions under which Bowling
Competitions are to be played. Any Local Rules of Competitions, or amendments thereto,
made by the Bowling Committee shall have effect until amended or revoked by such
Committee or by a General Meeting of the Bowling Club.

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Plain English Campaign’s Crystal Mark does not apply to these domestic regulations.

All regulations are made in line with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls (Crystal Mark 3rd Edition), which permits Member National Authorities to make domestic regulations in respect of those aspects of the sport listed in Law 57.1. The regulations apply to all domestic competitions organised by the Irish Bowling Association (IBA) and the Irish Women’s Bowling Association (IWBA) and its member associations and clubs.

Law 6


Placing the mat

For domestic play, Member National Authorities can decide the requirements for using portable groundsheets as an alternative to the fixed groundsheets mentioned in this law.
Portable groundsheets are not approved for use in Ireland.

Players Duties – The Skip
“For all domestic team games in Ireland the duties described in law will be transferred to the second player in each team. i.e.: Pairs – the Skip; Triples and Fours – the second.”
The skip will continue to be responsible for entering the finish time, signing the card and agreeing the final score with the opponents.

Law 53 – Bowls: World Bowls Stamp

53.5 With effect from 1 April 2011, all composition bowls (see Law 52.1.1) used for play in the Inter-Association Championships or the semi- finals and finals of the National Championships must bear a legible IBB, WBB, BIBC or World Bowls Stamp, which has an expiry date of 1987 or later.

Composition bowls may be used in games other than those listed above and must bear a legible IBB, WBB, BIBC, or World Bowls Stamp which has an expiry date of 1971 or later.

In addition to the domestic regulations made in line with Law 57.1, the following regulation is made in line with Law 55.3.

Law 55 – Formats of Play

55.3 The formats of play for Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours in all events under the direct control of the IBA or IWBA will be:

  • Singles will be 21 shots (shots scored over 21 will not be counted). Four bowls will be played, with each player playing in turn.
  • Pairs will be 21 ends. Four bowls will be played, with each player playing in turn.
  • Triples will be 18 ends. Three bowls will be played, with each player playing in turn.
  • Fours will be 21 ends. Two bowls will be played, with each player playing in turn.

General Competition Rules


1 All competitions under the direct control of the IBA or one of its Associations of Clubs shall be governed by the Laws of the Game as laid down by the World Bowls Board and as amended by the IBA for use in domestic competitions. The Council shall determine all questions or disputes that may arise (other than those which come within the scope of an umpire’s duties as defined in 6, below, and elsewhere) and its decision shall be final and binding. The Council may delegate its duties in this respect to a sub- committee whose decisions shall be equally final and binding. IBA competitions shall be open to all male players of member clubs and a player may represent only one club in any one season.

2 For purposes of the competitions other than the Senior, Intermediate and Junior Challenge Cups the country shall be divided into the areas which are within the jurisdiction of the member Associations of Clubs.

3 In the event of a Senior Team unable to field a team in a Senior Cup Competition Match, the fixture must be fulfilled by the team drawing on remaining qualified members, even at the expense of their Junior Cup Team having to withdraw from the Junior Cup Competition

4 With the exception of the Senior and Junior Inter-Association Championships all rounds shall be drawn by ballot.

5 The time set for commencing each match or tie must be adhered to within a limit of 15 minutes, otherwise the match or tie may be claimed by the competitor(s) ready to commence play.

6 Before a match or tie, the rinks to be played on shall be drawn, at the green, by the visiting skips or their representative(s).

7 If considered necessary, the Joint Competitions Committee may appoint qualified Umpires and Markers for matches or ties. It shall be their duty to settle disputes that may arise between the competitors and, in the case of inclement weather, to decide whether the green (at the time) is in a fit condition for play. Their decisions on the fitness of the green shall be final.

8 The trophies for the various competitions shall be presented to the winners (and, if relevant, the runners-up) on a date (or dates) to be fixed by the Council. The recipients shall, on receipt of the trophies, give the Honorary Secretary a written guarantee, signed by the Honorary Secretary of the appropriate club (or Association of Clubs), for their safe custody and return no later than 1 June of the following year.

9 In all games or ties competing players trousers or tailored shorts must be white, cream or coloured or of a design which has been approved by the relevant Association. All players in a team or side shall wear trousers or shorts of the same colour and design.

10 All shirts must have a collar and must be white, or coloured shirts of the participating Club or Association, the colour and design of which have been approved by Council, provided that players in a team or side shall wear shirts of the same colour and design. Pullovers, cardigans, jackets, rainwear and headgear, if worn, must be white or cream or of the same colour and design as approved shirts. Footwear must conform to Appendix A2 of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls.

11 All competitions under the direct control of the IBA shall be played on flat outdoor greens.