The following Bowling Club Bye-Laws shall be deemed to have been amended on the 30th November 2020 and 10th February 2021 subject to, and in accordance with, Rule 9.3.14 of the Rules and Regulations of the Bowling Club.

1. All bowls used on the Green must conform to WORLD BOWLS specifications.
2. No member of the Bowling Club shall use bowls belonging to another Member without the permission of that Member.
3. Players, Umpires and Markers shall wear smooth-soled, heel-less footwear while playing on
the green or acting as Umpires or Markers
4. Players must not drop bowls onto the Green.
5. No smoking permitted on the Green or on the environment of the green, in the club house,
on the veranda or the viewing stand. All smokers must use the Designated Smokers Area.
6. Non-Players shall not be allowed on the green or on the bank surroundings the green, nor
shall they distract or otherwise interfere with players on the green.
7. Members must not dispose of litter of any type, empty glasses or empty bottles anywhere in
the environments of the Bowling Green. These items must be placed in the receptacles
provided and all glasses returned to the bar.
8. Under Rule 19.1 the Bowling Committee shall establish the conditions under which Bowling
Competitions are to be played. Any Local Rules of Competitions, or amendments thereto,
made by the Bowling Committee shall have effect until amended or revoked by such
Committee or by a General Meeting of the Bowling Club.

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